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We appreciate your interest in writing for Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP). As you probably know, SCP interprets social, cultural, and spiritual trends. Our mandate is to reach demanding non-Christians by means of crossover publications while showing Christians the inner workings of today's deceptions from an insider's viewpoint. Among its awards, SCP has won three National EPA First Place Awards, including the 1991 First Place award in the category of critical review.

SCP's stringent mandate has narrowed our field of writers. To meet this challenge, we have assembled a wider group of scholar-journalists to observe and comment on current affairs. Most of the material we publish is generated internally or through established writers known to us either by reputation or by personal contact. Their usual profile is that they are published, have advanced degrees from top ranked universities, as well as personal experience that makes their work uniquely credible. What this means is that at times we must turn down the material of perfectly good writers simply because they submitted material irrelevant to our topic of focus and did not check with us first. Our journals cover single themes such as Gaia, Joseph Campbell, Cyberspace, and so forth. If we are writing about Deepak Chopra and an article is submitted on some other topic, it has missed the mark. So email us first and tell us your background and your idea. But do not be surprised if we politely say "no."

Like most magazines and journals these days, as we have tried to make clear in the various literary guidelines that mention us, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, nor can we guarantee their acknowledgment or return. We sometimes individually follow up calls or inquires from authors who are genuinely qualified to help us address the issues of our day. Aside from those instances of especially qualified submissions, please understand that we are unable to respond to general submissions or inquiries--apart from this statement--due to the sheer volume of mail we receive. Again, thank you for your inquiry.


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