Dear Friends and Allies, December 1, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at SCP.

As God's grace gives us strength to overcome trials that stretch us to the limit, so may He strengthen us to recapture a nation once known for its God-given freedoms, great natural bounty and courage to stand for the Good. Today instead, we are witnessing the meltdown of what has become just another 21st-century secular state. It bears the same name as the America that once was, but as it comes apart before our eyes, it is clearly not the same nation.

The state of our culture affects us all, whether we embrace it or resist it. The direction it takes will determine every aspect of how we live--whether we live in a police state or under the wide-ranging freedoms of an earlier, more innocent America. The orientation of our culture is vitally important, which is why we are engaged in the struggle for its future. After all, the public's passivity and naive trust of those in power is partly what got us where we are.

In times of challenge we need the kind of encouragement that requires the bigger picture. At SCP we provide the context of information and insight that is vital to discernment. In the present conflict I remind myself that our life's charge is to fulfill the purpose for which we were brought into this world. I believe the secret to going the distance is to never give up, to be honest before God about one's shortcomings and failures, and to be transparent before trustworthy peers of good character with biblical wisdom. Ultimately, we need God's grace and the power of His eternal Word to steer us above the tempests of our era.

In last year's Christmas letter, as the candidates for President were gearing up, I ventured:

"For America to survive, I believe we need a noble statesman of deep and genuine (not pretended) Christian conviction, broad vision, intelligence, integrity and uncompromising character, who will champion the nation's historic faith, its liberties and freedoms, indeed, its people--an individual free of the influences of tainted advisors with secret agendas, special interest groups and powerful lobbies. It may be that such a one has appeared, a man who is not a slick, charismatic orator but someone plain spoken and honest, a champion of the people."

I have been asked to whom I was referring. I was speaking of Ron Paul, who stands head and shoulders above his fellow politicians, who routinely and unashamedly lie to the public and will do anything to maintain their grasp on power. Unlike the corrupt and compromised colleagues around him, Ron Paul does not deceive and flatter the public. He has told the hard truths that the electorate did not want to hear, truths that other candidates have been afraid to mention. He is a man whose character is so above reproach that even his worst enemies will admit to his integrity. I expect we will learn that Ron Paul's diagnosis of the national malaise was right after all; this Duke University-trained medical doctor did not shy away from a straightforward prognosis of America's deepest ills and national sins. But, sadly, the masses of people looked the other way, preferring to be serenaded and romanced by a man whose spectacular oratory and entry into history ignited the public imagination in a feel-good moment.

Yet we ask, what do we make of this newly elected leader who came with the charisma of rock-star and political messiah, riding an unprecedented wave of public euphoria, expectation and adoration (combined with desperation)? Can he fulfill this great public expectation?

My gut feeling is that the celebration of the masses over their charismatic victor will turn to disillusionment by the end of his first term in office; that his image will not live up to the public expectation of a political savior. Rather than seeing a new era of "change," the public will begin to see the same faces of the power elite guiding events from the shadows. Then will come a growing chorus for another liberator to "truly represent the people."

We have seen public celebration turn to disillusionment before. It happened by the end of the terms of the last three presidents. Bush senior was whisked out after only one term. Then the public turned to Clinton as its glamorous superstar. But, after the nation was dragged through Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky and Clinton's impeachment, the liberal spell ended, and anyone who even distantly resembled a conservative was latched on to like a lifeboat. Bush was brought forward by his handlers as the plainspoken conservative ready to save America. What a disappointment! After leaving the nation destitute, Bush is now the lowest-rated president ever, and in his wake we see another radical sea change, a desperate lurching to the left. By successive approximation the nation has swung back and forth, from left to right, each time driving the nation lower and dispossessing its people each time.

Great problems remain for the charismatic new leader waiting to be sworn in--mounting national debt so great that the National Debt Clock in Manhattan has run out of integers; more than 30 million illegal aliens who have flooded across open borders; banks and mortgage firms still collapsing as homes are foreclosed in record numbers; the trillion-dollar cost of invading Iraq; and the present economic meltdown at the expense of a growing underclass who are paying for failed banks and mortgage giants with their tax money in massive handouts.

Debt, disintegration and a looming police state are passing over the landscape like a dark fog. I anticipated these changes in my book      One World; changes necessary for a New World Order (a term increasingly invoked by world leaders). I also ventured that the cement for this world system would be the debt of nations that owe more than their net worth. It is all playing out.

Courage and not cowardice will be required of us. We must recapture the spirit of those who founded this nation. At SCP, we sense that our mandate is stronger than ever to expose the deceptions peculiar to our time, to speak "truth to power" at increasing risk to ourselves. Unlike many, we have not muzzled our content, appearing to say something while avoiding any real controversial terrain by taking a safe middle ground so that the "bottom line" is not adversely affected. Unlike a majority of other publications, we respect you more than that. We don't want to wilt in our moment in history.

Let's pray that we can all live and contend for the faith another day, another year! Thanks for your support and kindness on our behalf




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