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  • The Great Lie By Tal Brooke
  • Dark Apocalypse, Blood Lust of the Compassionate by Lee Penn
  • Pokemon for the Uninitiated by Catou Grinyer
  • The Proliferation of a Movement: The International Churches of Christ, Part II by Dan Aguirre
  • The Deconstruction of Satan, Part I by Brad Scott
Tal Brooke traces The Great Lie that has danced through history likea whirling dervish, deluding and deceiving cultures and individuals. It is now as active as ever in this age of radical transition. Lee Penn explores today's popular movements pushing to unify the world around a generic spirituality beneath which lies a sinister vision waiting beyond the popular spins. Catou Grinyer explores Pokemon. And Dan Aguirre, SCP's long time ACCESS director,  explores one of the most seductive and aggressive groups discipling college age youth, the rapidly expanding International Churches of Christ. Finally, Brad Scott begins his two part series on the Postmodern tendency to banish the spiritual reality of evil.

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