Pop Prophecy
Exposing False Prophecies about the "Rapture," Israel, and the End of the World
by Tal Brooke, Steve Wohlberg, Brooks Alexander, Lee Penn, & Steven Sizer

Price: $12.00

Imagine thousands of verses cleverly lined up to present a false picture of things to come, misdirecting millions. That’s exactly what Pop Prophecy has done. This train is about to wreck, so get off! The prediction of strong delusion increasingly assaulting the church as the age progresses should not be taken lightly. The hugely popular Left Behind series of books and movies (most recently with Nicholas Cage), emphasizing the pre-tribulation “rapture” (a term found nowhere in the Bible) among other novel beliefs, constitute the most recent propaganda campaign on behalf of Pop Prophecy. Pop Prophecy has grown into a movement of gigantic proportions, considering its meager beginnings across the Atlantic at the Powerscourt Conference of 1825. Now riding upon a multi-billion dollar media empire, with seemingly unlimited funding, giant mega-churches in-tow, Pop Prophecy has become a formidable worldly and political influence in our time that has misdirected millions of naïve, zealous Christians (who don't know otherwise, being ignorant of history), into an obedient army serving alien interests. The agenda is a betrayal of the very Christian faith that has been blindly supporting it, as strong delusion grows like cancer in the church's midst, as the Bible predicted. A vast army of misguided, deluded Christians have played the role of “Useful Idiots.” The consequences of this hidden covenant with Babylon will be disastrous. Premillennial Dispensationalism will fail in all of its predictions, causing millions to fall away from the faith while creating a public mockery. Find out its actual history and how it has taken over the church, bringing in perhaps the first powerful wave of the long-predicted Strong Delusion.

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