by Tal Brooke
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The mystery of death--perhaps the greatest mystery of the ages--has been allegedly solved through key "scientific breakthroughs" revealed in the pioneering bestseller Life After Life and similar studies. Near death experiences in these books are vividly described by those who have "come back" from the deathplane in images as wild and baffling as anything in the movies.

Powerful digital special effects, in films such as the academy award winning film The Sixth Sense and What Dreams May Come, convincingly portray these paradigms of the afterlife. Audiences are overwhelmed with digitally enhanced scenes of the deathplane as they see beings-of-light, disembodied spirits, souls in an intermediate state awaiting rebirth, astral planes, psychic contacts with the other side, non-human entities, astral travel, mediums, channeling, earthbound spirits, and other spiritualistic phenomena described in bestselling books that constantly add to the corpus of New Age thought. Meanwhile, those with the most celebrated near death experiences often become media superstars, dazzling millions.

But is this paradigm of the afterlife what really happens at death? Or are such experiences--and that's the key--a spiritual cocktail for a modern age that has been adrift and perplexed? Is it a symptom of a culture that has lost its spiritual roots, now blindly entering perhaps the oldest occult terrain in history? The Mystery of Death contends that there are realities that need to be considered in order to get the full picture. At stake is what happens to the human soul whose worth is beyond measure.

Now already in a second edition

by Tal Brooke
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A Rider of the Cosmic Circuit is one who emerges from that rare explosion into superconsciousness called enlightenment, an exalted state attained by a mere fraction down the ages.  Family and friends do not recognize him, for the Rider has changed on a  fundamental level. Claiming  Godhood, the Rider operates behind an unreadable face, manipulating the buttons of human reaction within those who believe his claim to deity.  But his outer form masks an unknowable intelligence. Who is he really? 

To the ordinary mind, enlightenment is like a black hole in deep space whose event horizon descends into unknowable blackness. What measuring stick can the normal mind use to judge those whoclaim to be enlightened and One with God. How can you judge one who claims to be as beyond ordinary human consciousness as it surpasses that of the ant? 

The author, Tal Brooke spent years in India and came right up to the mouth ofthe flame. He himself was being epared for a leap into superconsciousness by India's premier godman, Sai Baba. Then he spotted a crack in the cosmic puzzle (the full story is in his intimate account, Avatar of Night.). 

RIDERS OFTHE COSMIC CIRCUIT explores this deepest of conundrums and asks: Is there a dark side to superconsciousness? Does it have motives beyond the reach of most people? Is it capable of deception and evil? And is there any kind of pattern or mapwe can use to interpret this alien terrain of the metapsychology of cosmic consciousness? Indeed, is so-called 
superconsciousness in reality a state of perfect possession? And what is it that possesses the human host who has willfully abandoned the controls of his soul and mind in this all-or-none quest for Godhood?

the Millennial Edition
by Tal Brooke
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As Woodstock and the Apollo moon landing lit up the skies of history, Tal Brooke flew to New Delhi, quickly becoming immersed in the vast subcontinent of India as he pursued a radical pilgrimage of consciousness. After quickly exhausting the "Grand Tour" of landmarks popularized by the spiritual tourists of the West, Brooke plunged into wilderness India, and the journey shifted into high gear.

From their first meeting, Brooke was heralded by Sai Baba, India's greatest miracle-working godman, as the inner-circle disciple who, like Oppenheimer at Los Alamos, would help trigger the explosion of India's ancient mystical tradition into the Western world.Within Baba's enchanted realm, Brooke saw and experienced things that seemed to obliterate all Western conceptions of reality as his journey vectored further into an alien universe. What had appeared as the prized state of godlike enlightenment, which seemed just within reach, became a precipice--not of enlightenment--but obliteration, even possession. Brooke was becoming a captive soul of an ancient inner transformation, while Baba's outward divinity concealed a timeless, demonic presence.

After two years of surrender to a Being who claimed to be God on earth, something remarkable happened. The end-game of spiritual powers ensnaring one man's soul turned abruptly and miraculously. Poised on the edge of a precipice, Brooke was rescued from above. With hauntingly vivid images, unexpected humor, and a profound passion for truth, Brooke lays bare the powerful reality of good and evil and of things beyond the familiar realm of the senses, in a book that will not be easily forgotten.

One World
by Tal Brooke
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We are in a time of worldwide transformation, and unless a miracle intervenes, we could experience a quantum leap more radical than when the Renaissance appeared, driving the Medieval Age out of history.

A New World Order could arrive almost overnight and be unlike anything the world has ever seen, affecting every life on the planet. Yet it may not be the utopian future of universal brotherhood we are all being primed to expect by today's power players and experts.

ONE WORLD uncovers the deep and often hidden forces behind the sweeping changes taking place right now. It suggests that certain critical turns in the road of history have remained unknown by the public--intentionally. In today's monopolized information gateway there are, indeed, patterns being kept from public view for the simple reason that this radical transition requires a docile and trusting public--a public that is willing to accept the popular reasons America and other nations have been pushed into a national debt equal to their net worth; why the family continues to disintegrate; why male and female roles blur; and why Christianity and traditional values disappear to be replaced by another system. The financial, military, political, and spiritual arms of this powerful agenda have an interlocking purpose that gives the plan almost irresistible power.

America and the Western world is fighting for its soul. Be assured that it will take your breath away when you suddenly recognize the pattern laid out in this book.

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