S C P    P r o d u c t    C a t a l o g
B 301 AVATAR OF NIGHT, Tal Brooke. $16.95

B 300 THE CONSPIRACY TO SILENCE THE SON OF GOD, general editor, Tal Brooke. $15.00


B 002 LORD OF THE AIR, Tales of a Modern Antichrist, Tal Brooke. $15.00 (out of print--SCP has the last copies)

B 003 THE OTHER SIDE OF DEATH, Tal Brooke. $9.95

B 004 RIDERS OF THE COSMIC CIRCUIT, Tal Brooke. $15.00 (out of print, only photocopies available)

B 005 VIRTUAL GODS, Tal Brooke, Ed. $9.95

B 007 INSIDE THE NEW AGE NIGHTMARE, Randall Baer. $6.95

B 008 REASON IN THE BALANCE, Philip E. Johnson. hard back $19.95

B 009 DARWIN ON TRIAL, Philip E. Johnson. $9.95


B 012 EMBRACED BY THE DARKNESS, Brad Scott. $9.95

B 013 SPIRIT WARS, Peter Jones. $18.95 (self publ)

B 011 POSTMODERN TIMES, Gene Edward Veith, Jr. $12.95

B 014 JESUS UNDER FIRE, Wilkins & Westmoreland, $12.95

B 140 THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF THE MASONIC LODGE, J. Ankerberg and J. Weldon. $11.95

B 250 MERE CHRISTIANITY, C.S. Lewis, $6.95

B 350 THE CASE FOR CHRIST, Lee Strobel, $9.95

B 352 ANGELS AMONG US, Ron Rhodes, $14.95

B 353 ALIEN OBSESSION, Ron Rhodes, $14.95

B 354 UFO CULTS AND THE NEW MILLENNIUM, William M. Alnor, $12.95

B 355 DEFEATING DARWINISM , Philip E. Johnson, $9.95

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BL 010 AMERICA'S WANING LIGHT, Tal Brooke. $2.95

BL 030 SPIRIT CHANNELING, Brooks Alexander. $ 2.95 (out of print, only photocopies available)

BL 080 TM IN COURT, SCP. $3.95

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P 004--SPIRITUAL POWER, B. Alexander. $1.00

P 005--REFLECTIONS OF AN EX, B. Alexander. $1.50

P 030--WHAT IS SPIRITISM and why are they saying those awful things about it? B. Alexander. $1.50

P 031--DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: Fantasy Role Playing and the Occult, S. Dokupil. $1.50


P 080--THE COMING WORLD RELIGION, B. Alexander. $1.50

P 081--A GENERATION OF WIZARDS Shamanism & Contemporary Culture, B. Alexander. $2.00

P 082--URANTIA... the Brotherhood, the Book, $1.50

P 083--REVISIONING REALITY: A Critique of A Course in Miracles. $1.50



P 086--HOPE IN REINCARNATION: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Life After Death, $1.50

P 091--REBIRTH OF A YOGI, Rabi Maharaj. $1.50

P 094--EXPANDING SUFI HORIZONS, J. Isamu Yamamoto. $1.50




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A 001--THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND GAIA, Tal Brooke. $5.00

A 003--FREEMASONRY'S CONCEPT OF GOD, John Weldon. $5.00

A 004--AUTHORITY CULTS: The Undoing of Individuality, William P. Kellogg. $5.00


A 006--EVANGELIZING THE NEW AGER, Rabi Majaraj. $5.00


A 008--SCP CONFERENCE: CHALLENGES OF THE 90's, complete set of above tapes, $30.00

A 009--MORMONISM, J. Bjornstad. $4.00

A 010--UNITY SCHOOL OF CHRISTIANITY, D. Halverson. $4.00


A 012--THE BAHA'I FAITH, J. Valentine. $4.00


A 014--JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES, J. Valentine. $4.00

A 015--MY YEARS IN INDIA, Tal Brooke. $5.00

A 016--THE COMING WORLD RELIGION, Tal Brooke. $5.00

A 017--THE SPIRITUAL FRONT LINE, Tal Brooke & Marlin Maddoux. $5.00


A 019--MAITREYA & BENJAMIN CREME, by Tal Brooke. $5.00

A 020--HIGHER GUIDANCE, by Tal Brooke. $5.00



(* indicates out-of-print, only photocopies available)

J 2302--THE COMING WORLD RELIGION PART II. (Vol. 23:02-23:03, 1999) $7.00 Features: A High Level Insider Converts--Michael Graham's 28 Year Journey, by Tal Brooke, The New Age Christ of David Spangler, by Ron Rhodes, The Proliferation of a Movement: The International Churches of Christ, by Danny Aguirre, The United Religions--Globalist and New Age Plans, by Lee Penn.

J 2204--THE COMING WORLD RELIGION PART I, & SWEET LIES CONT.--(Vol. 22:04-23:01, 1999) $7.00 Features: Secrets of the Soul--Gary Zukav, putting God in small packages, by Tal Brooke, Lost in the Supermarket: Pop Music and Spiritual Commerce, by Alison Lentini, The "Oprah Effect", by Ron Rhodes, The United Religions Front--Foundations for a World Religion, by Lee Penn.

J 2202--SWEET LIES II--(Vol. 22:02-22:03, 1998) $7.00 Features: Spirit Voices--and the Van Praagh Media Circus, by Tal Brooke, Leaving Marianne Williamson & A Course in Miracles, by Tony Carnes, Conversations With the god of This Age, by John Moore, Anthony Robbins and the Quest for Unlimited Power, by Ron Rhodes, Jean Houston--Profile of the New Age Advisor to Hillary Clinton, by Craig Branch.

J 2104--SWEET LIES--(Vol. 21:4-22:1, 1998) $7.00 Features: The Terrible Strength and Weakness of Naturalism--An Interview with Phil Johnson by Tal Brooke, America's Glitzy Guru, Marianne Williamson by Ron Rhodes, The Mayan Gospel--The Mass Appeal of James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy by John Moore, Brennan Manning--The New Monk of Mystic Protestantism by John Caddock, Terminal Ecumenism--Bishop Swing and the United Religions Initiative by Brooks Alexander.

J 2103--THE COSMIC MEDICINE MEN--The Mystery teachings of Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and Bernie Siegel (Vol. 21:3, 1997) $5.00 Features: Deepak Chopra, Wizard of Boundless Healing by Tal Brooke, The Temptations of Deepak Chopra by William Alnor, Energies of Mind & Body by Ron Rhodes, Andrew Weil, New-Medicine's Man of the 90s by Brooks Alexander.

J 2101/2--JESUS AND THE DEN OF THIEVES II--Further Assaults, Alterations and Redefinitions of the Person and the Work of Christ (Vol. 21:1-2, 1997) $7.00 Features: The Cosmic Christ of Channeled Revelation by Tal Brooke, A New Christ by Peter Jones, Jesus on the Rack by Brad Scott, The Jesus of the Watchtower by Ron Rhodes, Between Isaac and Ishmael by Brooks Alexander, Has God Really Spoken by Ron Rhodes.

J 2003/4--JESUS AND THE DEN OF THIEVES-- Scholarly assaults, New Age Alterations, and the Creation of other Christs (Vol. 20:3-4, 1996) $7.00 Features: Jesus and the Den of Thieves by Tal Brooke, Apostasy in America by Peter Jones, the Quest for the Historical Jesus by John Moore, The Jesus Seminar by John Moore, The Cosmic Christ by Ron Rhodes, The Real Jesus Already Stood Up by Brooks Alexander.

J 2002--VIRTUAL REALITY- Virtual Gods, Designer Universes (Vol. 20:2, 1996) $5.00 Features: Virtual gods, Designer Universes by Tal Brooke, Virtual Bodies in the City of Bits by Donald L. Baker, Embody the Avatar by John Moore, Virtuality and Theophobia--Becoming the Ghost in our Own Machine by Brooks Alexander.

J 2001--CYBERSPACE - Storming Digital Heaven (Vol. 19:4-20:1, 1995, double issue) $7.00 Features: Cyberspace: Storming Digital Heaven by Tal Brooke, Welcome to the CyberMillenium Part One by Donald L. Baker, Virtual Man by John Moore, Extropianism by Brian Godawa, The Faustian Bargain by Brooks Alexander.

J 1903--PREPARING FOR THE COSMIC MILLENIUM And The Coming Global Church (Vol. 19:2-3, 1995, double issue) $7.00 Features: Preparing for the Cosmic Millenium by Tal Brooke, Community and the Cosmic Christ by Warren Smith, Last Exit Before Judgment by Brooks Alexander, Signs of the Times by Warren Smith.

J 1901--NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES: Revelations from the Deathplane (Vol. 18:4/19:1, 1994, double issue) $7.00 -- Features: Near Death Experiences by Tal Brooke, Embracing a False Light by Warren Smith, Clues to a Near Death Experience by Craig Branch, When Heaven Can't Wait by William Alnor, The Tinsel Halo by Brooks Alexander.

J 1803--JOHN BRADSHAW AND THE RECOVERY MOVEMENT: Freeing all the inner-children (Vol. 18:3, 1994) $5.00 -- Features: A Brief Look at John Bradshaw by Tal Brooke, Singing the Song of Myself by Richard John Neuhaus, Recovery and Codependence by Kenneth Meyers, Early Roots of the Codependency Movement by Edward T. Welch, Recovery's Family Tree by Brooks Alexander.

J 1802--ONE NATION WITHOUT GOD: Life in Post-christian Amerika (Vol. 18:1-2, 1993, double issue) $7.00 -- Features: When America Provokes God by Tal Brooke, Can We be Good Without God by Charles Colson, In Defense of Liberty by Keith Fornier, Censoring the Past by Gary DeMar, Redefining Culture Through Media by Theodore Baehr, Burden of Conflict: Church and State in Crisis by Brooks Alexander.

J 1704--THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA'S CHRISTIAN HERITAGE: The Culture War on Christianity (Vol. 17:4, 1993) $5.00 -- Features: America's Waning Light by Tal Brooke,"This is a Christian Nation" by Herbert W. Titus, Restoring America's Christian History by Mark Beliles & Stephen McDowell, The Christian Idea of Government by Rus Walton, Burden of Conflict: Church and State in a Fallen World by Brooks Alexander.

J 1703--THE WAY OF ECOLOGY: Remaking Man in the Earth's Image (Vol. 17:3, 1992) $5.00 -- Features: The Ecological Great Awakening by Tal Brooke, Eco-Religion and Cultural Change by Brooks Alexander & Mike Coffman, America's Ecological Millennium by Douglas Groothuis, Downsizing the Family of Man by Alison Lentini, The View from Iron Mountain by Brooks Alexander.

J 1702--ALIEN ENCOUNTERS: UFOs and the Realm of Shadows (Vol. 17:1-2, 1992, double issue) $7.00 -- Features: Machines Made of Shadows by Brooks Alexander, Encountering UFOs by John Weldon and John Ankerberg, Part I: The Alien Obsession, Part II: Of Gods and Aliens by Bill Alnor, A Brief Look at a Brief History of Time by Hugh Ross, Alien Messages on the Big Screen by Tal Brooke.

J 1604--EDUCATION: Capturing Hearts and Minds for a New World (Vol. 16:4, 1992) $5.00 -- Features: Abolished Man: From Instruction to Indoctrination in the New Education by Brooks Alexander, Capturing Hearts and Minds for a New World by Tal Brooke, Deconstruction: The Crisis of Values and Truth in the Academy by Marc Mueller.

J 1603--WITCHCRAFT: From the Dark Ages to the New Age (Vol. 16:3, 1991) $5.00 -- Special report by Brooks Alexander -- tracing modern witchcraft from its ancient Pagan roots to modern times. $5.00

J 1602--NEW WORLD ORDER: The Iron Hand of Peace & Spiritual Unity (Vol. 16:2, 1991) $5.00 -- Features: Breathing Together: Conspiracy & Intention by by Brooks Alexander, I. The Emerging Reality of a New World Order, II. World Order & Freedom of Religion by Tal Brooke, Will Christendom Survive the New World Order? by Stuart Chevre, The State of the World - 12 Years Later, by Marc Mueller, Dialogues with Malcolm Muggeridge, Tal Brooke & Malcolm Muggeridge, A Letter Home by George Koch.

J 1601--GAIA: A Religion of the Earth (Vol. 16:1, 1991) $5.00 -- Features: Gaia-A Religion of the Earth by Tal Brooke, I. Gaia: Sects and Squabbles, II. Deep Ecology, by Brooks Alexander, The Goddess Comes of Age by Alison Lentini, The Gaia Hypothesis: Science, Mythology, and the Desecration of God by Stuart Chevre, Creation: The Christian View of Ecology, by Francis Schaeffer.

*J 0903--VISUALIZATION: Mind Power and the Mind's Eye (Vol. 9:3, 1990) $7.00 -- Features: Visualizing the Tower of Babel by Tal Brooke, Mind Power and the Mind's Eye by Brooks Alexander, Visualization, Guided Imagery, and the Holistic Health Movement by Stuart Chevre. Reviews: Jacob's Ladder by Tal Brooke.

*J 0902--THE MYTHOLOGY OF JOSEPH CAMPBELL (Vol. 9:2, 1990) $7.00 -- Features: Adhesive for a Generic Religion by Tal Brooke; Oracle of Transgression and Joseph Campbell's Myth-Conception by Brooks Alexander, Myth and the Power of Campbell by Doug Groothuis, Jung: Man of Mystic Proportions by Charles Strohmer.

*J 0901--MINDING THE STORE: Influences of the New Age Movement in Business (Vol. 9:1, 1990) $7.00 -- Features: Identifying the New Age Seminar by Doug Groothius, Gates of Entry for the Occult by Tal Brooke, Not Built in a Day: Context and Pretext of the New Age in Business by Brooks Alexander, Business as Unusual: The New Age Rage and Corporate America by Carl Raschke, New Age, Business and the Law by Herbert Rosedale.

J 0801--FAITH ON THE LINE (Vol. 8:1, 1988) $5.00 -- Features: Faith on the Line: An Interview with James Houston, I Believe in the Creator by James Houston, Tragedy and Hope in Genesis 3 by Brooks Alexander, The Hunger Project: Inside Out and The Forum: est in heir by Carol Giambalvo.

J 0701--SPIRITISM: The Medium and the Message (Vol. 7:1, 1987) $5.00 -- Features: What is Spiritism and Why are they Saying Those Awful Things About it? by Brooks Alexander, A Matter of Course: A Conversation with K. Wapnick, A Course in Miracles: Seeing Yourself as Sinless by Dean Halverson. Reviews: Dancing in the Light by Shirley MacLaine, Riders of the Cosmic Circuit by Tal Brooke, reviewed by Brooks Alexander.

J 0601--SCP SPECIAL COLLECTION JOURNAL An SCP retrospection (Vol. 6:1, 1984) $5.00 -- Features: Cults in Context: Discerning the World System, Occult Philosophy and Mystical Experience and The Coming World Religion by Brooks Alexander, World Views in Contrast by Mark Albrecht, and more.

*J 0501--EMPOWERING THE SELF: A Look at the Human Potential Movement (Vol. 5:1, 1982) $7.00 -- Features: The Rise of Cosmic Humanism by Brooks Alexander, The Flowering of the Human Potential Movement by Francis Adeney, Est: The Philosophy of Self Worship by Stanley Dokupil and Brooks Alexander, Lifespring and the Sovereignty of Subjectivism by Dean Halverson, and more.

J 0402--EXPANDING HORIZONS: Psychical Research and Parapsychology (Vol. 4:2, 1981) $4.00 -- Features: Separating Wheat from Chaff: Biblical Discernment and Parapsychology by Mark Albrecht and Brooks Alexander. Interview: Dave Hunt and paranormal researcher Jeffrey Mishlove.

J 0401--INNER HEALING (Vol. 4:1, 1980) $4.00 -- Features: An assessment of the pioneering work and popularization of inner healing by the late Ruth Carter Stapleton by Brooks Alexander, Inner Healing by Steve Scott and Brooks Alexander, The Farm by Joseph Carruth.

J 0301--ECKANKAR: A Hard Look at a New Religion (Vol. 3:1, 1979) $4.00 -- Features: Paul Twitchell and the Evolution of Eckankar by Woodrow Nichols and Brooks Alexander, The Teachings of Eckankar by Mark Albrecht, Critical Analysis of Eckankar by Mark Albrecht, and more.

J 0201--HOLISTIC HEALTH: The Marriage of Science and Religion (Vol. 2:1, 1978) $4.00 -- Features: Holistic Health from the Inside by Brooks Alexander, The Sellout of Science by Mark Albrecht and Brooks Alexander, Implications of the Holistic Medicine Movement: A Conversation with Paul Reisser, M.D., and more.

J 0102--UFO's: Is Science Fiction Coming True? (Vol. 1:2, 1977) $4.00 -- Features: The Modern Prometheus: Science Fiction and the New Consciousness by Woodrow Nichols and Brooks Alexander, UFO's: Is Science Fiction Coming True? by Mark Albrecht and Brooks Alexander, and more.

J 0101--THANATOLOGY: Death and Dying (Vol. 1:1 1977) $2.50 -- Features: The "new" mythology of death. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Raymond Moody, and Robert Monroe's works are critiqued from a Biblical perspective.

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(* indicates out-of-print, only photocopies available)

N 2402--RE-INVENTING GOOD & EVIL...in Filmland by Charles Jarvis. Features: The Y2K Meltdown of Credibility by Tal Brooke, and PSI TECH: A "Remote" View to a Kill by Edward Schneider. (Vol. 24:02, 1999/2000) $1.50

N 2401--BERKELEY DAY: A Celebration of Truly Open Minds by Tal Brooke. Features: The War on Moral Absolutes by Richard Lowry. (Vol. 24:01, 1999) $1.50

N 2304--POSTMODERN MOVIES II: The Good, the Bad, and the Relative, Part II by Brian Godawa. Features: SCP Newsbriefs by Tal Brooke. (Vol. 23:4, 1999) $1.50

N 2303--POSTMODERN MOVIES: The Good, the Bad, and the Relative, Part I by Brian Godawa. Features: SCP Newsbriefs by Tal Brooke. (Vol. 23:3, 1999) $1.50

N 2302--GODDESS WORSHIP by Russ Wise and Tal Brooke. Features: American Media & Selling the Occult by Rich Poll. (Vol. 23:2, 1999) $1.50

N 2301--EARTH SPIRIT: Weeding the Earth by Gene E. Veith. Features: What Dreams May Come by Tal Brooke. (Vol. 23:1, 1998) $1.50

N 2204--END OF A PROPHET by Joe Szimhart. Features: SCP Staff Update. (Vol. 22:4, 1998) $1.50

N 2203--BIBLE CODES, PART II by John Winston Moore. Features: Mother of a New Age Messiah, the confessions of a mother-disciple by Joe Szimhart. (Vol. 22:3, 1998) $1.50

N 2202--BIBLE CODES, PART I by John Winston Moore. Features: Reflections on a trip to Cambridge by Tal Brooke, What's Wrong With Hate Crime? by Brooks Alexander. (Vol. 22:2, 1997) $1.50

N 2201--SNOWBOARDING TO NIRVANA, Another New York Times Bestseller by Joe Szimhart. Features: Contact, a movie review by John Winston Moore. (Vol. 22:1, 1997) $1.50

N 2104--VOLUNTEERING FOR OBLIVION, The New Age Path to Heaven's Gate by Brooks Alexander. Features: Hell at Heaven's Gate by Peter Jones. (Vol. 21:4, 1997) $1.50

N 2103--LIVING IN DARKNESS by George Byron Koch Features: Special Bonanza Letter Issue . (Vol. 21:3, 1996/7) $1.50

N 2102--A BRIDGE TOO FAR by Peter Jones. Features: Liberal Protestantism's Death Wish by William Murchison, Predators, Scavengers, and the Body Politic by Brooks Alexander. (Vol. 21:2, 1996) $1.50

N 2101--INDEPENDENCE DAY AND SUMMER ALIENS by Tal Brooke. Features: SCP Wins Another Firs Place Award by SCP, Habitat II, Notes from Istanbul by Nancy Schaefer. (Vol. 21:1, 1996) $1.50

N 2004--SCP WEB SITE NOW ON THE INTERNET by Tal Brooke. Features: Liberalism Battles Orthodoxy in Philadelphia by Peter Jones Ph.d, Media Blindsight--Beyond Hypocrisy, part 2 by Brooks Alexander. (Vol. 20:4, 1996) $1.50

N 2003--IN SEARCH OF MAITREYA an evening with Benjamin Creme by John Moore. Features: The UN and the Leaven of Beijing by Peter Jones Ph.d, and more. (Vol. 20:3, 1996) $1.50

N 2002--SPIRITS IN HIGH PLACES a critique of Isabel Allende by David Haddon. Features: The "Navy Way" by Brooks Alexander. (Vol. 20:2, 1995) $1.50

N 2001--THE CULTURE OF DISBELIEF an essay book review by Philip E. Johnson. Features: New Age Seminars Part 2. (Vol. 20:1, 1995) $1.50

N 1904--"THE FORCE" or Pumped, Scooped, Charged & Slain by George Koch. Features: From the Frontline: New Age Seminars, Pt. 1. (Vol. 19:2, 1995) $1.50

N 1903--ANOTHER MARY, Another Jesus, Another Gospel, by Tim Kauffman. Features: a review of Lambs to Slaughter. (Vol. 19:2, 1995) $1.50

N 1902--HOLY LAUGHTER or Strong Delusion? Features: a review of The Celestine Prophecy. (Vol. 19:2, 1994) $2.50 {reprints}

*N 1901--PSYCHIC PROPHECY: Gordon-Michael Scalion's Vision of Global Catastrophe. Features: An SCP Report: Hopeful Signs & Future Battlefronts. (Vol. 19:1, 1994) $2.50

N 1804--A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: A Visit with Jane Campion. (Vol. 18:4, 1994) $1.50

N 1803--SCP'S 20th BIRTHDAY ...Still Exposing the Esoteric and the Counterfeit. (Vol. 18:3, 1994) $1.50

N 1802--PHILLIP JOHNSON INTERVIEW--an interview with the author of Darwin on Trial, and much more. (Vol. 18:1-2, 1993) $2.00

*N 1702--IS YOUR CHURCH CULT-LIKE Part III.--The Healing Process... (Vol. 17:2, 1992) $3.00

*N 1701--IS YOUR CHURCH CULT-LIKE Part II.--Having Discerned, How to Respond. (Vol. 17:1, 1992) $3.00

*N 1603--SHAMANS, PSYCHICS & GREENS -Part II.--SCP's tour of the Whole Life Expo concludes. (Vol. 16:3, 1991) $3.00

N 1602--IS YOUR CHURCH CULT-LIKE Part I.--12 Characteristics of a Counterfeit Church; Cultic Tendencies Checklist. SCP's tour of the Whole Life Expo begins. (Vol. 16:2, 1991) $1.50

N 1502--FLEEING THE FORCES: An Interview with Moira Prophet Lewis--Tal Brooke interviews Moira, daughter of Elizabeth Clare Prophet - cult leader of the Church Universal and Triumphant. Confronting the Church of Christ (Boston/Crossroads movement) by Bill Kellogg. (Vol. 15:2, 1990) $2.00

*N 1501--COMPROMISE AND VULNERABILITY: Influences of the New Age in the Church--by Brooks Alexander. Review: Communion, by Tal Brooke. (Vol. 15:1, 1990) $3.00

N 1403--FROM FLORENCE TO ATHENS: NURSING'S NEW AGE--Features: Nursing's New Age by Sharon Fish , New Age Medicine: A Second Opinion by Carolyn Copeland. (Vol. 14:3, 1989) $2.00

N 1104--LEGALITIES ASIDE: Final Reflections on Lee v. Duddy--Features: When Talk Isn't Cheap and Speech Isn't Free by Brooks Alexander, The Lawsuit in Perspective by Bill Squires, Expert Opinion and the Bias of Experts by Brooks Alexander. (Vol. 11:4, 1986) $2.00

*N 1103--NATURAL RELIGION IN THE '80S--Features: Green Politics: Biblical or Buddhist? by Ron Sider, Circle of Sisters: A Journey Through Elemental Feminism by Alison Lentini, Satanism and the Devolution of the New Religions by Carl Raschke, and more. (Vol. 11:3, 1985) $3.00

*N 1102--TANTRA: The Worship and Occult Power of Sex--Features: Tantra: The Worship and Occult Power of Sex by Brooks Alexander, Tibetan Buddhism in America by Marquand M. Gorton, and more. (Vol. 11:2, '85) $3.00

N 1101--MIND POWER: A History and Analysis of the New Thought Movement--The New Thought Movement; Mary Baker Eddy and The Church of Christ (Scientist), and more. (Vol. 11:1, 1985) $2.00

N 1005--NEW AGE MOVEMENT: Self Deification in a Secular Culture--Features: From Mysticism to Christ; Celluloid Prometheus: Transcendentalism of George Lucas, and Breaking Through Spiritual Autism, and more. (Vol. 10:5, 1984) $2.00

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V 030--UFO'S...THE MYSTERY RESOLVED, by Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Reasons to Believe. $25.00


V 032--MUSIC TO DIE FOR, by Phil Chambers. American Portrait Films. $25.00

V 033--HOLLYWOOD: LIGHTS-CAMERA-BLASPHEMY, by Eric Holmberg. American Portrait Films. $25.00

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C 001 Course In Miracles $15.00

C 002 Islam $7.00

C 003 Fantasy Role Playing $6.00

C 004 Cooneyites (Go Preachers) $7.00

C 005 Enneagram $6.00

C 006 Betty Eadie (incl. Near Death Journal) $11.00

C 008 Holy Laughter $7.00

C 009 International Church Of Christ (Boston Movement) $7.00

C 010 New Age Seminars (est/Forum/Lifespring) $22.00

C 011 Re-imagining/Sophia Worship $7.00

C 012 Buddhism $9.00

C 013 Hypnosis $7.00

C 014 Acupuncture $6.00

C 015 Out of Body Experiences (Astral Projection) $7.00

C 016 Witchcraft (incl. Witchcraft Journal) $15.00

C 017 Baha'i $6.00

C 018 Occult $6.00

C 019 Cults (incl. Authority Cults audio tape, by William Kellogg) $10.00

C 020 Tarot Cards $5.00

C 021 William Branham (incl. Branham audio tape, by Pement) $10.00

C 022 Rebecca Brown $7.00

C 023 Carlos Castanada $6.00

C 024 Chen Tao $5.00

C 025 Deepak Chopra (incl. The Cosmic Medicine Men Journal) $10.00

C 026 Centering Prayer $4.00

C 027 Christian Science (incl. Mind Power Newsletter) $9.00

C 028 Church of Religious Science (incl. Mind Power Newsletter) $9.00

C 029 Church Universal Triumphant (incl. End of a False Prophet & Fleeing the Forces Newsletters) $10.00

C 031 Maitreya (incl. In Search of Maitreya Newsletter) $9.50

C 032 Cursillo $3.00

C 033 Da Free John $6.00

C 035 Matthew Fox (incl. Preparing For the Cosmic Millennium Journal) $12.00

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