Letters to SCP Edward Schneider, ed.

Dear Tal:

Thanks for your Summer 1997 Newsletter. I was intrigued by your forthcoming trek to Cambridge to speak for the CICU. I was a visiting scholar at Downing College, Cambridge in 1990 so I can relate to your visit. There is, in my opinion, more of a Christian influence at Cambridge than Oxford -- but it is a far cry today from the Cambridge of old. It would be wonderful to see God's presence restored at that most-beautiful-college-campus-in-the-world.

As you may know, there are a couple evangelical Anglican churches in Cambridge (the oldest, being the "Round Church") and Roy Clements has a remarkable ministry at Eden Baptist. ...

I was not aware that you were a friend of Lindsay Brown. As a consequence, you may know that this fall celebrates 50 years of IFES. There will be a celebration in Boston/Cambridge MA with such luminaries as John Stott preaching at Harvard Chapel. I will be present, because IVCF-USA is having its fall Board of Trustees meeting (I am a trustee) in Boston to coincide with the IFES anniversary.

It would be a treat for me if you happened to be there with Lindsay Brown and the others.

under his mercy,

Kenneth G. Elzinga

Professor of Economics

Tal has known Ken Elzinga from the time of his return from India and has the highest regard for this gifted and faithful faculty member at the University of Virginia. Tal and Ken remain close friends and allies for the cause--EJS


Dear S.C.P.

Thank you for adding me to your list to receive your newsletter and journals.

Tom Mathisen

From a brother who has come to know the LORD while in prison. We hope and pray that our journal will continue to encourage those in special situations. -EJS

Dear Editor:

Most Americans consider stealing to be wrong, and we teach our children that it's wrong. Suppose someone came up to you and said, "Because you consider stealing to be wrong, even sinful behavior, you must be thief-o-phobic." What would your reaction be? You'd probably laugh at the silliness of his logic. If you are convinced that stealing is wrong, it does not follow that you are therefore afraid of all thieves, or that you hate them or want to harm them.

Or take adultery, for example. The fact that someone believes that adultery is wrong does not mean he is adulter-o-phobic. He may know and love some people who are involved in an immoral adulterous lifestyle; they may even be his friends or family members. But he certainly is not afraid of them or wishes them harm. He merely thinks their behavior is wrong.

However, when it comes to the behavior of homosexuality, it seems that all logic gets thrown out the window. The media and others would like you to believe that anyone who thinks homosexuality is a sin is homophobic- that he's afraid of, or hates, or wants to harm homosexuals. That is as ridiculous as saying that if you feel cheating on a test is wrong, then you are cheat-o-phobic.

What people don't understand is that it is morally normal and healthy to, like the old adage says, "Hate the sin, but love the sinner." This is what any good parent does. If a parent catches his child lying, he rebukes the child, explaining that lying is wrong. The parent hates the sin (the lying behavior) but loves the sinner (the child). We apply this distinction to ourselves all the time. When we do something wrong, we hate what we did, but we don't hate ourselves.

If we are not careful to make this distinction, soon no one in society will be able to call any behavior wrong without being falsely accused of being a bigot, a hate-monger, or intolerant (the ultimate politically correct insult).


Kenneth Vasquez

Walnut, CA

Point well taken! This letter has exposed the arbitrary and "non-sequitur" thinking that tries to refute God, His logic, and His laws, but in the end always fails. -EJS

From a 90 year old man:

Dear Tal Brooke,

I believe God is using you to do a great work for Him. I have read much of your writings and am so glad you exalt our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ.

Some time ago I ordered the Tal Brooke Unshackled story from you. It is perhaps the most unusual story ever broadcasted by PGM. Because of that tape I was later in touch with PGM. At their request my story was submitted and broadcasted May 3-10th 1997. I am enclosing a news article which I hope you will like. Please keep this 90 year old man informed concerning you and the results of your labor for Christ.

If you desire, I will send you a copy of my true (Unshackled) story on tape.

In Christ, since Feb. 7, 1932. Our 65 wonderful years.

Lanham Hickman

This warm letter came from a dear 90 year old brother, who has been a follower of Jesus Christ for over 65 years. God bless you, Lanham -EJS

Dear friends,

Your consideration of the Internet seems especially important and timely. It seems to be the next great area for evangelicals if the church does not retreat from it. The Web may hold many deadly spiders but it can also catch men for the Lord.

Thanks again for all that you do.

May our God bless you,

Merman C. Baader, Allentown, PA

Another Internet user "crawled" into the web of truth. The SCP homepage is at: It's a great way for friends, family, and witnessing prospects to get cutting edge information about pseudo-religions and spiritual counterfeits. -EJS

Dear Tal,

Please find enclosed a speaker brief from Cambridge Christian Union. As you can see you are being billed as a converted Guru! You might need to untangle that one! Anyway, your talk is the first in a series of three over that weekend when many freshman students will be expected to attend. I anticipate that you will have a good number to hear your. It will be a great opportunity to share how, in your seeking after God, you found him ultimately in Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

I look forward to seeing you then and having fellowship together.

Warmest greetings,

Yours sincerely,

Lindsay Brown

General Secretary,

Internation Fellowship of Evangelical Students


Dear Friends,

Please enter our subscription to the SCP Journal and Newsletter. Also, please send the second journal on Cyberspace.

I have subscribed to SCP Journal in the past and have found it be a unique and outstanding publication. It is critical that the church understands the importance of the message. I would like to see your magazine gain even wider exposure and hope to promote it within this organization. As a buyer for an independent Christian retail store I also carried your journal, and was very pleased with the response. Unfortunately, I have not yet been successful in connecting with Spring Arbor Distributors magazine subscription program. With the merger of Spring Arbor and Ingram Distributors, I plan to urge them again to consider SCP Journal for distribution. Perhaps you might contact them as well, or send a sample copy that I could present to them.

To briefly acquaint you with who we are: We (Christian Education and Publications) serve the Presbyterian Church in America, a denomination of 2,000 churches and mission churches. Our vision is to equip the church to engage the world, applying truth in every aspect of life. We do this through leadership training, workshops and conferences, training seminars, EQUIP magazine (published bimonthly, circulation 10,000), and the Christian Education Catalog Bookstore (current catalog circulation 15,000).

Thanks again for the work you do.

Julie Sharp

Presbyterian Church in America


Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Brookes,

I've recently been reading your book, When the World Will Be As One and was very impressed at the information value and content; very well written. The only problem I had with it was putting it down.

I'm a "perpetual Bible student" and spend an extreme amount of hours reading the Bible, mail in Bible studies, devotions, and in prayer. I am very interested in your topic, prophesy, the Tribulation and the Israel Nation concerning the end times.

Thank you very much for your efforts, I too grew up in the Hippie era and was captivated by the drug induced "become one with the universe" syndrome; many a souls fell by the wayside during this so-called time of innocence. Your script brought back a lot of "needed to be put in place" memories; the timing was unbelievably lifting as I felt the questions of that portion of my life now answered and filled. It's time to move on as things are left behind, and the ventures of the Lord are becoming more and more the main stay in my life.

I am very interested in your newsletter and will consider the signing up for your journal. Also, if you have any other books (other than what I already know of listed in your book) that I may purchase- please let me know of these as soon as possible.

Please put me on your mailing list, and pass my name and address on to any of your associates that are producing "like" material, books, Bible studies, devotionals or publications.

Again Sir,

Thank you much for you endeavors, on can surely see that you've paid your dues.

Greg Leon, White Cloud, MI

From: Virginia Skrzypczak, Poland

Dear Sirs,

I would like thank you very much for SCP Newsletter (sent July 22, 1997).

It helped me with my university diploma thesis connected with New Age movement. I send you warm greetings from Poland.


It is great and encouraging to know that truth is having an impact not only in our own land, but to every tribe, nation, and tongue. Thank you again for your support.-EJS

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