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SCP Newsletter, SPRING 1998 VOLUME 22:4

From time to time we like to give our readers a brief highlight of the happenings in the lives of the staff here at SCP. We appreciate the interest and concern for our personal lives that you evidence in your letters, and we certainly appreciate your prayers:

Rich Hagler:

Rich Hagler, one of Tal's closest friends, and for several years our Business Manager and Letters Editor, is about to leave us and head to the mission fields! Rich and his new wife Kimberly have been accepted by OC International to serve as career missionaries in Brazil. Together, they bring with them a passion for God and a wealth of ministry experience. Rich is a graduate of UC Berkeley where he was a varsity basketball player, on the heavyweight crew, as well as a top student who earned a Phi Beta Kappa. Rich later got into a doctoral program at Stanford University, but his faith drew him to Regent College in Vancouver. He also did graduate work at Princeton, where he was a classmate of Tal's. Rich went on and later earned a doctorate in church growth and revival studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and is an ordained minister with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). He has served at various times over the past 18 years as a pastor, teacher and church planter throughout the US. Kimberly, a graduate of the University of Maryland (also a Phi Beta Kappa like Rich) earned her masters in counseling from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and then served as the Coordinator and a clinical therapist at the McLean Bible Church Counseling Center in suburban Washington D.C. God has given them a vision to recruit, train, and mobilize Brazilians to plant more and better churches through a prayer and church multiplication movement. We will miss Rich's constant good spirits, his friendship, and his good example. We wish them both God's speed in this new endeavor. You can reach OC International at (719) 592-9297 for more information.

Frank Kim:

One of our most recent U.C. Berkeley Interns and Research Assistants is Frank Kim. Frank is from Irvine, CA and is currently working on a double major in the honors philosophy and honors Rhetoric programs. In addition to his intense studies, Frank has also served as a Philosophy Tutor for U.C. Berkeley, is the Vice President of Korean Central Presbyterian Church Fellowship (a 400+ campus student group), and is also the Vice President of the Christian Apologetics Club at UCB.

This summer, besides whipping everyone on the tennis courts, Frank will be attending Rutgers University for a special graduate Philosophy program. Frank is currently a senior and plans to attend Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, CA, to receive a Master's degree and later go on to Princeton or Yale for a Ph.D. program in Philosophy.


Terry Lewis:

Our faithful staff-member Terry Lewis just got married to Lisa. Terry has served as SCPs mail room coordinator for the past 4 years. Join us in praying for Terry and Lisa's peace and joy in their new marriage. They are now looking for a small house in the Berkeley area. Terry, originally from Los Angeles, was converted after having a fairly wild youth. He brings a strong faith and cheerfulness to SCP.

      Brooks Alexander:

Brooks Alexander, for the last ten years SCP's Research Director, is looking at an upcoming change in venue. Brooks, who founded SCP back in the early 70's, will be moving to Texas where he can be closer to his daughter Leslie and new grandson (Brooks' other daughter, Anastasia, lives in Seattle.). Brooks will continue to write and do research for SCP in his new location. We will miss the day-to-day contact with him, but in this age of instant electronic communication we anticipate that in many ways it will seem as if he had never gone. He will be returning here now and then for brainstorming. Tal will miss this long time close personal friend "whose brilliance and depth of insight is so rare these days." Tal and Brooks will continue to discuss cutting edge issues in cyberspace. Meanwhile, Brooks has long anticipated moving out of an apartment that lies directly above the Hayward fault (the massive faultline that runs through Oakland and Berkeley). Keep him in prayer as he looks to find a house perhaps near Austin where his second alma mater, The University of Texas, stretches with its rich facilities.

Edward Schneider:

Edward, one of the recent crop of whiz-kids to come to us through our UC Berkeley internship program, has taken over the Business Manager responsibilities from Rich Hagler. We are grateful that we have someone like Edward who can carry out these functions while still carrying 20 units! Edward--who knows cults first hand from growing up for 13 years in a home of Jehovah's Witnesses-- will be with us for at least one more semester while he completes his undergraduate degree in the honors Philosophy program at UC Berkeley. Ed is also President of the Christian Apologetics Club at UC Berkeley. Next year Ed will leave us to pursue a masters from Westminister Seminary (in Southern California). After that he hopes to move on to Oxford or Princeton to get a doctorate in philosophy. We are grateful to have him for the time that we do, and we will be sorry when the time comes for him to leave. Our loss will be Westminster's gain--so we hope that Peter Jones and the rest of our friends at Westminster appreciate the gift we are giving them. [Ironic note, SCP's last whiz-kid intern was in fact Peter Jone's son, Julian Jones, who got into Berkeley at 16, speaks six languages fluently, and who is doubtless making straight A's at Westminster. Julian also had "the amazing sports car" that Tal warned him about---that later caught fire on the Berkeley freeway. It became an object lesson in discernment! Appearances belie deeper realities.]

John Moore:

John is director of general operations for SCP as well as associate editor and cross-platform computer wizard, both IBM and Apple. As Tal says, "John is one of the most gifted people we have ever had and continues our tradition in having quite a number of people who flatline aptitude tests. But more than his brilliance, John has a servant's heart and a deep humility. There is not a job he will not tackle."

John is another SCP staffer who knows cults first-hand, growing up for 16 years in a group whose name cannot even be mentioned in these pages due to a legal settlement that SCP was forced into some years ago. It is likely that John and Tal Brooke will co-author a book together dealing with the software bug and millennial/sociological phenomenon known as the "Year 2000 bug." John, his wife Bettina, and two daughters live close by in the Oakland hills.

Tal Brooke:

Tal Brooke, SCP President & Editor, is just recently back from a trip to the East Coast where he led a three day retreat for Redeemer Presbyterian Church (a church of 3000) in New York City. During a week in Manhattan, Tal also spent several days with his new literary agent, a one time Doubleday Editor himself, who is approaching the major secular houses for his upcoming sequel to When the World Will Be As One, to be called One world. Tal has written eight books and feels it is time to "go beyond the Christian ghetto" to reach the alienated secular majority who run our culture. "We must resist the backpeddling and marginalization of Christianity." When the World, discussed the global forces and new spiritual beliefs behind the push for a New World Order and originally sold over 100,000 copies, making it a bestseller. Tal hopes that a sequel published by a large secular publishing house would be a wake up call in the secular arena to the very real dangers of a global system in which America has been irreversibly redefined, forfeiting its Christian basis and individual liberties for "a mess of pottage." People need to be reminded that God is the source of all meaning and good. He is also the sovereign of history to whom men and nations are accountable. Tal's past writing efforts have brought remarkable results, from India to America. Many are praying that God will raise Tal to be a powerful and credible voice to the larger secular culture in our time. We feel he is one of the few equipped to do it on the contemporary American scene.

Jésus Arciniega:

Jesus Arciniega is the V.P. of Public Relations for SCP. He lives in nearby Richmond with his wife and two sons and came to the Lord way back in sixth grade. When not working at SCP, Jesus serves as the V.P. of Program Operations for First Resort, formerly Crisis Pregnancy services. He is originally from Southern California and came to Berkeley in 1981 as an incoming freshman at UC Berkeley. Jesus graduated from Cal with a degree in Political Science and earned a full-scholarship to do graduate work in Public Policy through the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. In the end, Jesus did not pursue graduate work in Public Policy.

Rather than graduate school, Jesus worked as a student group advisor and manager within the Student Activities and Services Office of UC Berkeley for nine years. Jesus' work with Berkeley professors, college administrators and the diverse students at Cal gave him a first hand view of the devastating effects that some of today's secular beliefs have on people's lives. Presently, Jesus works on SCP's outreach to church education and publication divisions and assists with deepening our student resource program at UC Berkeley, one of the nation's top universities. Jesus has a cheerful and resilient ability that is like a ray of fresh sunlight for SCP. We are grateful to have him on board.

Danny & Kathy Aguirre:

Danny (no picture, sorry) is the SCP ACCESS director who counsels and shares vital information from the SCP files with callers on the ACCESS hotline, as well as via e-mail. Danny, who is senior pastor of a Berkeley area non-denominational church, has been with SCP for more than seven years. Kathy Aguirre, Danny's wife, is the backbone of SCP's accounting department. Kathy has been working for SCP for the past three years. The Aguirre's have 2 school-age sons whom Kathy is homeschooling. They are presently in Illinois visiting her parents on a farm, and will return at the end of summer. We wish them the best of times, and look forward to their return.

Susan Choi

Susan is another of our current crop of UC Interns. She just graduated this past semester with a degree in English. "If the Lord wills," says Susan, "I will be going to Korea in August to teach English to children at a Christian Elementary School and at a local orphanage, and to prospective missions candidates who desire training of this sort in order to go abroad." Susan learned SCP's very complex custom database program in record time and has shown a remarkable range of abilities that she almost tries to hide with the humility that God gave her. She is another one that we hate to lose.




Frank Ordaz:

Frank, from the time he met Tal at a Mill Valley cafe in Marin County, has been the SCP Art Director now going on nine or so years. He is responsible for the fine covers on the SCP Journals. Frank is an extremely gifted artist who has worked in the past for George Lucas at LucasFilm's Industrial Light and Magic Team, producing background mattes for such movies as ET, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars. Frank has been working as an independent artist for the past several years, based out of his home studio in Marin. He is currently weighing an offer to return to work at LucasFilm to work on the new Star Wars. Frank is pictured with his wife Jana.



David Metcalf:

David is the newest addition to the SCP team. David will be working for SCP as a student intern over the summer. David is the son of Tal's old friends, Robert and Elaine Metcalf, from his days on the East Coast. David himself will be starting at The University of Virginia in the Fall (he turned down an acceptance from Harvard to do this!) as both a Jefferson and Echols Scholar, highly prestigious awards from UVA. David looks forward to being prepared to defend his faith in the high-powered and highly challenging world of Virginia academia (also one of Tal's alma maters).

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