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Danny Aguirre
SCP Newsletter, SPRING 1998 VOLUME 22:4

Dear Mr. Moore,

Thank you for your artical about "The Bible Code." I browsed a copy of the book at my local Christian bookstore and was interested until I came across an impacting statement towards the end of the body of the text. The author said something to the effect of, 'the encoded message of the bible is that we can save ourselves.' I lost interst at that point because the clear message of the bible in plain English (or any other language) is that we cannot save ourselves, only Jesus Christ can do that.

Tamara Carroll

Dear Tal,

Enclosed is a copy of the "cannon" of a new age group in Santa Cruz, The Society of the Avadhut Transmission. I hope it may be helpful to you or Danny in your work. The copyright date is 1989 and it was being used in 90-91.

About seven years (maybe eight?) ago you counseled me regarding my husband's interest in this New Age cult. My husband has been approached by an old high school friend who was a committed follower of the Sage.

Well, two years ago my husband accepted Christ on Easter Sunday. We regularly attend a Presbyterian Church and my husband ran all the way up front after the service because he wanted to receive Christ, right then with the minister. Praise God!!

Now we are preparing to move to London for a two to three year assignment. In going through my desk I found this document and thought you might be able to use it.

Thank you again for all your help during our rime of crisis. You were a great resource during a time of tremendous trial. May God continue to bless you and your work.


Susan Johnson

We appreciate hearing from old friends, especially when it is good news. Praise God! And we always appreciate material for our files.

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in Our Lord Jesus Christ! I find your works to be a great blessing. Praise God for the works which steer the Body away from the many false doctrines and teachings that abound in this present age.

I am a 41 year old construction contractor who also has a burden for these things. I participated in "the doctrines of demons" in my younger years before I was called to the glorious gift of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ! I have many friends who are following the New Age and Eastern teachings. God has placed a burden on my heart for these things and has allowed me to minister to quite a few of them. Your works have been invaluable for this task. Thank you and Praise God!

. . .

I have some friends who are solidly "in Christ." (Meaning that their passion to serve the Lord is evident.) I have some concerns about the Charismatic Movement that they are involved in. By this I mean speaking, praying, or singing in "ecstatic tongues," being "slain in the Spirit," "Holy Laughter," "floor time," etc.

These tongues are "learned tongues" which were received after "practice and coaching" until the tongue flowed freely (unlike the Day of Pentecost). I do not like to accuse the Brethren, but I have looked into the careers of several of the "teachers" who promote this type of worship. My problem, aside from the fact that these things do not sit right with my spirit, is that I find them to be absolutely contrary with Paul's teaching in 1 Corinthians 14 as well as Acts and the Word of God in general.

I have studied all the Scriptures that the Charismatic Movement has used to defend this worship and have found that the Scriptures are clearly taken out of context, (in my understanding), or have been interpreted "spiritually" instead of plainly- which is the hermeneutic that I believe allows all to understand God's Word. I also do not find even the slightest resemblance of this type of worship in the Word of God. I have gone to early church history to shed some light and have found what I believe to be refutations of this type of worship be the early Church Fathers. (I know that this does not hold the authority of Scripture, but it can shed some light.) Eusebius went so far as to call ecstatic prophesy a "false spirit" and remarked that this type of behavior was in a manner "contrary to the constant custom of the church handed down by tradition from the beginning."

In eastern, New Age and pagan teachings especially, there are many accounts of this kind of "frenzied speech of prophesy." Obviously, in this context, this cannot be from God. Here is where my concern lies.

In my heart I believe that these teachings are part of the false doctrine that is spreading throughout the world and my concern is for the Body of believers who may be misled by these things (along with 2000 other things!).

. . .

I must also clarify that I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit of God can knock people to the floor, or heal their infirmities. The Holy Spirit is not only capable of these things, but I also believe that He does heal people and change their hearts.

This is where all the confusion lies. These revival meetings do produce fruit, yet at the same time the meetings do not seem in accordance with the instruction in His Word. Thank you for any help in this matter.

Peace and Grace,

Michael Caplow

Dear Michael,

The issues you raise are certainly troubling to many, both inside and outside of the charismatic branches of the church. The manifestations that we see coming out of the Toronto Blessing and Pensacola Revival movements are puzzling, and even repulsive--leading many to the conclusion that they are in fact manifestations of spiritual deception inside the church itself. We need to be careful to not paint with too broad a brush, and, as you say, it appears that some of these revival meetings do produce "fruit." The quality of the fruit coming out of the Toronto Blessing and Pensacola Revival movements has yet to be proven, at least from where we stand. For our comments, please see SCP Newsletters 19:02 and 19:04, which comment on the Toronto Blessing phenomenon. Another place to go would be CRI (949-858-6100, www.equip.org), which has written and published extensively about this subject.

Dear Tal,

Thank you so much for the complimentary copy of The Conspiracy to Silence the Son of God As is all the literature from SCP, this work is gripping. And it is really true... virtually anything except orthodox evangelical Christianity is acceptable today!

I was referred to SCP about fifteen years ago when my brother was heavily involved in EST. I knew nothing of EST, and could not find out... except that it "seemed" wrong, and "felt" wrong. My brother kept urging me to go to the meetings. I checked with Christian friends, and they pointed me to you. Boy, did you ever send me information. My brother was amazed at how much I found out about EST without going to their meetings. I explained to him why I could never go. Unfortunately, he still clings to many of the EST teachings.

Thank you so very much for your work. The Lord s using you mightily. You are at the forefront of a vicious battle for souls. We really enjoy your literature, and it is very timely. I particularly enjoyed the recent ones debunking Deepak Chopra!

The Lord bless you and keep you, and make you prosper in your labors for Him.

Your brother in Christ,

Kris R. Krishnaswamy

Dear Friends,

I have been receiving your Journal since 1973 and have benefited greatly from your scholarly efforts.

I do want to offer two comments:

1. In volume 20:3-4 1996 Journal (Jesus and the Den of Thieves) you make a statement on page 68 that I question. You state that the devil was "blissfully ignorant of God's design" relative to Christ's coming as our Savior. As Jesus was tempted by Satan (Matt. 4), the devil quoted from Psalm 91 (Matt. 4:6). Since Satan knew at least part of the Old Testament isn't it likely that he knew the purpose of Christ's visit to earth? And doesn't the extreme activity of Satan to prevent Christ from accomplishing His purpose indicate that Satan knew his time was short?

2. I have noticed in the past that it seems that you are pre millennial or dispensational in your eschatology.

If that be the correct reading then your statement on page 63 of the above-mentioned Journal would conflict with that view. The statement there-- which I fully agree with--is this; "The crux of the matter: if Christ isn't crucified, then mankind goes the way of the Dodo Bird--period--no options, no exceptions." The pre millennial/dispensational position holds that Christ offered His kingdom to the Jews but they refused it and He established the Church. This presents this very large problem: What if the Jews accepted the kingdom?

No crucifixion, no salvation!

I have recently (March, 1998) published a 328-page book on eschatology. It can be previewed at this web site: http://www.rochelle.net/~acts238/index.htm


George C. Stewart

Dear George:

SCP does not have an official eschatology. The people who work here come from various church/theological backgrounds that clearly differ on eschatological positions. I do not know anyone currently on staff who holds to the dispensational premise that if the Jews accepted Jesus there would have been no need for the Cross. In my own estimation, such, "what if this happened or that happened theology," are unnecessary speculations. What happened, happened, and was fore known by God and was God's plan before the foundations of the world.

Dear Spiritual Counterfeits Project:

Jacqueline Carey from Focus on the Family suggested I contact you with my inquiry. I would like to know if anyone in your organization has read the book: Conversations With God, An Uncommon Dialogue, by Neale Donald Walsch? If so, I would like your opinion or findings. This book has me baffled. Is this considered, "New Age" and if so please expound on what New Age is.... And how I can identify it...... I love the Lord very much and I wish to learn all I can. I also am thankful for the new avenues in finding information, via: the internet...

Thank you for your time and anything you can give me.

Rhodera Davis

Dear Rhodera:

We will be examining Conversations with God in our next two part series of Journals. In the meantime, for an overview of the New Age Movement, I would recommend to you the book When the World will be as One by Tal Brooke, the director of SCP.

SCP, (via e-mail)

Greetings from the other side of the continent, New Brunswick, Canada. We are in the midst of a spiritual crisis here . . .

Last night I was invited to join a pastor of the local Wesleyan Church to visit a young man in a situation the likes of which I hope is familiar to you though foreign to us. This man is a recent convert and has a very minimal knowledge of Christianity and even less of Biblical exegesis. His wife grew up in a home with a rather eccentric mother whose religious faith may be somehow tied to a double brain aneurysm that she had several years ago. She is a follower of a lady whose name is Leona Boneck from somewhere in Wisconsin.

The crunch of the issue is this: the mother believes she is the answer to the "mystery of God" (Rev.10:7). She has been enlightened and knows that the tribulation, the third part which has not happened is coming soon. They are preparing for it by pickling truckloads of produce since their farm will be exempt from the wrath of God. The mother is living common-law but that is not a theological problem since it has been determined to be the will of God. A similar immoral relationship involves her son and his girlfriend. They make up the core of this group, the New Brunswick version anyway. The crisis is that the mother has so influenced her daughter that she is, as I type this, preparing to take her 7 year old handicapped daughter out of school and move with her to the farm to prepare for this final stage of the tribulation. The husband that we visited last night is understandably distraught. His wife will not listen to him, screaming that he needs help to see the light!

Frankly we don't know what to do nor how to advise him. Can you provide some counsel for us? With thanks

David W. Taylor: Bethany Bible College

Robert Trafton: Sussex Wesleyan Church rtrafton@nbnet.nb.ca

Dear David & Robert:

For excellent advice on rescuing somebody from a cultic situation please try contacting Carol Giambalvo at http:/members.aol.com/carol2180, who is a recognized expert in exit counseling. These situations are very frustrating, to say the least. We so badly want to open the eyes of those deceived but more often than not, they are to convinced, and in fact believe, that you and I are the ones deceived.

If the person we are trying to reach is still responsive to appeals to reason, the most effective logic I have found, is to take them up to the mountain top to see the bigger picture of the common ingredients found in countless cultic groups. Such as the messianic leader who claims special revelation and status, hyper-control, rejection or misinterpretation of scripture, etc. You want them to see that their experience is very non-unique, predictable, typical, and can be demonstrated to fit right into the cultic experience. We could help by being available to talk to the person if they are willing to call us. My name is Danny and can be reached at 510-540-5767 mon-thur 10-12 noon PST.

Dear Paul:

The site you referred us to is alarming to say the least. We will keep ourselves posted on further developments.

International Mail Highlights


My name is Rene van Dijk, from The Hague, The Netherlands. I'm a reborn Christian, but my oldest brother is a follower of the 'so called guru' heart master Adi da. (Da Free John, Da Avabhasa, Franklin Jones, Da Ananda) My brother, Adrian, began to practice TM in 1974. He stated that when he'll met a higher transcendent way, he will no doubt to take it. I believe faith in Christ Jesus is that way, for Jesus stated: "the Father and I are one". Christ ONLY was God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, manifest in the flesh. Please can you attend me, or do you know where this guru is exposed on Biblical terms; to other sites which warns against these false teachers; or testimonies of former guru members of the Free Daist Communion? Thank you so much in Him, Rene

Dear Rene:

We offer a package of information on Da Free John, mainly consisting of Newspaper articles of allegations, for $6.00 plus shipping and handling. All details of ordering information are included in our catalog at our web site. We also offer a book titled Riders of the Cosmic Circuit which chronicles a destructive pattern of some of the super gurus like Sai Baba and Rajneesh. This can be helpful in assessing Da Free. You will find this book in our catalog.

Dear friends,

We are from the STUDENTS' LEAGUE - UNIVERSITY OF BUCHAREST. We intend to organize a symposium against the New Age movement. We know that you have very interesting documentation in this domain and we kindly ask you to send us as many materials as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible at: secretariat@liga.unibuc.ro ordanion@liga.unibuc.ro

Thank you very much. Best regards,

Vasile Danion

Please keep these folks in your prayers

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