AUTUMN 1998, Volume 23:1

Marlin Maddoux, host of USA Radio Network's Point of View, interviews Tal Brooke on The Conspiracy to Silence the Son of God.

This radio program is syndicated in hundreds of cities throughout America and rates with James Dobson as having the largest audience in the country--in the millions. Tal has been on with Marlin Maddoux many times. But this interview, during the summer of 1998, hit on one hot issue after another as the telephone board lit up with calls waiting to go on the air.

Tal and Marlin discussed a recent meeting of theologians at Duke University Divinity school deconstructing the very Faith they are supposed to uphold. It is open season on Christianity.

The future of Christian belief is an issue that could not be more relevant for America today. The pillars of Faith of this once great nation are being assaulted, sadly, with very little resistance.

Tal and Marlin discussed a host of issues:

* The Jesus Seminar as it shreds and mocks the words of Christ

* Mass appeal of various New Age channeled revelations that bend the gospel message

* Gaian & neopagan planetary masses in some of the oldest sanctuaries in America

* "Evangelical" feminists worshiping the goddess

* How the major denominations continue abandoning the faith in a fire sale of apostasy



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