Letters to SCP
Danny Aguirre & Ed Schneider
SCP Newsletter, AUTUMN 1998, Volume 23:1

From SCP intern Susan Choi writing from Korea:

Dear Tal and everyone,

I just wanted to say hi and I hope that you are doing well over there. I got to Korea safely about 3 weeks ago and started working immediately. I am teaching the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades (with a total of 120 children under my care) but I am enjoying it so far. I got a chance to visit a local orphanage today but I think that I am going to have to rethink and really pray about an extended commitment to serving there. (I am still unsure if my being here for only a year would cause more damage than anything else if I were to befriend these kids now.)

If there is anything that you would have me pray over for any of you, please do let me know. Continue to fight the good fight for God's glory and people's souls.

Your sister, Susan

Dear Susan

So good to hear from you and it is inspiring to see you follow through with God's call on your life. All is well here as the fall season is upon us. Tal is in Colorado Springs until tomorrow, I will forward your letter to him.

Dear Friends

Surfing the radio while driving home from work, I came across a broadcast of Art Bell's Coast to Coast. He was interviewing Benjamin Creme. Creme was speaking of this Maitreya, who, it seems, as Crème claims, is the next great spiritual teacher. What Creme described sounded very much like the description of the Antichrist in Scripture. There are a few web sites devoted to this Material, and quite a bit of non-sense about the divine nature of Maitreya. Has there actually been reports in the "legitimate" media regarding Maitreya, or is this simply some end-of-the-millennium hysteria? As a Christian who reads apologetic and theological works, who has been greatly influenced by the writings of J.P. Moreland and other Christian philosophers, I am having a bit of difficulty with the actuality of this Maitreya character. Worst-case scenario, Maitreya is the predicted Antichrist. If the Antichrist indeed walks the earth, this is not a time to fear, but a time to rejoice, for it also means that Christ Himself is coming soon. Evil is a parasite to Good. Good can exist without evil, but evil cannot exist without good. Shadows cannot exist without light, but light does not need darkness to exist. I am curious as to your take on this entire Maitreya thing. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. In Him who we live and move and have our being.

George Darby

Dear George:

If Maitreya is the real deal it would be like a 1000 to 1 horse winning the Kentucky Derby after entering the race with 12 straight last place finishes. It would be a real shocker, since the credibility of Maitreya's John the Baptist, Benjamin Creme, is zero. You see, Creme has announced Maitreya's coming manifestation for over fifteen years. According to Creme, Maitreya is always right on the verge of revealing himself but cannot do it until the energy of us earthlings is up to par. Dates have been set, major media outlets have been informed, major newspapers have run large paid for announcements proclaiming the coming of Maitreya on specific dates. Creme has certainly shouted it from the housetops, but nothing has happened except some elusive, unsubstantiated rumors of appearances in obscure places that nobody could verify. We have a file on all of this that you could order for $7.00 & s/h & tax.


I must admit, I believe this is probably a futile reaching out ­ myself as a committed member of a Unitarian Universalist Church telling you all of my thoughts about one of the "spiritual counterfeits" that your group discusses. A friend told me about Tal Brooks' work in response to my comments to him about a recent presentation of the Celestine Prophesies at our church. At the end of that presentation, as we do at all our services, members of the audience "talk back" to the presenter. I could not help but characterize CP as pseudo-religious thought invented yesterday by its author who apparently thought a redistillation of the ideas of a number of world religion would serve some good end. But, having said that, I don't believe that exploring these ideas and other "new age" ideas is wholly a bad thing. I believe that for many people, in our times, in my father's time and way back - there is the beginning of a broader ethical understanding of the universe that comes with reading ideas about how individuals are in some way directly responsible for their inner lives. And for many people, myself included, models of the world built on transcendent, mysteriously acting beings and their laws will never make any sense. Threat of punishment notwithstanding. I ask you to consider whether it is necessary and good to expend a great deal of effort in criticism of the new in religious ideas. I came, as do many in my church, from traditional religion and honor it. Is it not possible for that favor to be returned?

Dave Calvert Kingsport, TN.

Dear Dave:

I really appreciate the tone of respect and reasonableness that is communicated through your letter. Our objection to other faiths is not based on some kind of knee-jerk fundamentalist reaction. Spiritual earthquakes and deep personal experiences in eastern based traditions guided most of us to a place of cautious openness to a straightforward biblical spirituality. Tal's journey is recorded in the book Lord of the Air, which can be ordered here. A snapshot of my experience is found in a recent newsletter titled Bible codes part 2 (I would be glad to send you the latter if you would like, just give me an address to send it to). In order to understand our present posture it would be necessary to examine our past experiences. As a result of becoming cautiously open to the biblical data, each of us, independent of each other, came to the conclusion (in my case, grudging conclusion) that the scriptures were true. The scriptures in their unadulterated simplicity and unsearchable depth, without pressuring them to conform to an all paths lead to the same place mentality, unless of course, that is what they are really saying. Our resulting collective foundational premise, is that the biblical account is the official version of sacred history as well as an authentic interpretation/description of life, God, humanity, etc.. Thus, the pantheistic notion, although tantalizing, flattering, and wishful, is fundamentally incorrect, not to mention all of the premises that proceed from this fountain. I will gladly continue to dialogue with you if you would desire to do so. Again, thank you for writing.

Dear Friends,

Tal Brooke has been discredited here in South Africa by the local representative of the Sai Baba Association, who maintains that after writing his book, Tal went insane and is now a tramp! Have you any information on Tal Brooke to enable me to counter this?

Many thanks ,


Dear Louis:

Tal is alive and well, has written eight books, and for the last ten years has been the director of this ministry and the chief writer for the SCP publications. At our web site you will see many examples that illustrate this. Thank you for asking.--Danny Aguirre

Dear friends,

I praise and thank the Lord for the wonderful work that you are doing! Now that you have replied to me as you have, I think I might be involved in something bigger than I realized ; I will not only be able to counter the lie told the retired thoracic surgeon and devotee of Sai Baba, who has read Tal Brooke's book "Lord of the Air," and has been told by the local Sai Baba Association that shortly after his book had been published, Tal went off his head and became, and is, a tramp, but I might also with your help and the help of the Lord, be able to penetrate and counter the local Sai Baba Association here in South Africa! I certainly never envisaged this and it will have to be from the Lord! Did Tal ever anticipate that some 20 years after having published his book, it would be impacting on the life of a retired thoracic surgeon here in South Africa, and possibly also on the Sai Baba Association here? I would appreciate it if you would not yet as yet publish this until I have notified you (He has!), as there are two other friends of mine and children of the Lord, that I would like to inform on what has transpired now that I have heard from you, and who also have played a great part in all this. I shall be getting back to you in a few days time; in the meanwhile, God bless you all and may He use you mightily in the work you are doing!


Dear SCP,

I have many concerns about a "church" that my father is involved with and Focus on the Family mentioned you as possibly my best source to find answers. My parents divorced when I was eight after my dad became involved in this church and decided we would no longer celebrate holidays such as Christmas, Easter, etc, that we kids would be switched with tree limbs as the means of discipline (even my 1 year old brother at the time) and other such things. I have since become a Christian and am very involved in my church and on campus when I am at school. The more mature I become in my walk with Christ the more uneasy I feel about my dad's beliefs and practices. A big concern is that their church has not grown any bigger that the 20-25 that were there when I was eight (I am now 22). Also, they are very controlling of all their children. My step brother has rebelled and left home at 17, saying he "won't be a part of that cult." They have no trained ministers but have 3 men who have no bible training who speak all day Sundays. At one time, most of the families lived in one or two homes but I don't know if this is still true. My step brother says there is a man named George Geftakus from Fulton, CA who is in charge of their church. My dad says he is just a wise brother in Christ who they look up to and who inspired them to start their assembly here in Springfield, IL. Every year Mr. Geftafkus speaks in Champaign, IL. He writes books that cannot be found in bookstores because he only sells them at his conferences for Non-profit. I don't know why I am so sensitive about this situations except that with much prayer, the Holy Spirit has laid it on my heart. Without growth and without much fruit (with all the kids rebelling), I wonder so much about if this assembly is truly God- centered. My dad has always been very controlling (beating my mom when I was little, manipulating me and my sisters to the point where he called the cops on us for taking something to my moms house that he gave us, and now I've found out he even beat up my step brother) I know cults are very controlling and it makes sense that this would be something he would want to be a part of. My pastor says that the first sign of a cult is doctrine that is not correct but from what my dad tells me, it sounds on the surface to be what I believe (in accepting Christ as Lord and Savior, professing it through baptism, etc.) If you have any answers for me, recognize this name from California (my dad claims he is good friends with Billy Graham and has assemblies all over the world), or have any other place I can turn to, please help me. you may be the answer to my prayers.

Love in Christ,

Name Withheld


Dear Friend:

We have a large file on Geftaky's group known as the Assembly. There are groups labeled as cults due to their heretical theology and there are groups labeled as such due to sociological considerations. Of course many groups are considered cultic due to problems in both areas. The Assembly has been considered cultic primarily because of the excessive and abusive control produced by their authority structure, their elitism, and their isolationism. Our package of inf. consist of testimonies by former members, negative newspaper clippings, and various critiques.

Furthermore, on page 209 of the book Churches That Abuse by Ronald Enroth (available at most Christian bookstore) Enroth chronicles many of the abuses of the group.

Dear SCP,

I just returned from spending 4 yrs. in the pacific. During that time I realized, members of the Baha'i faith have one goal and that is one world government. These are all educated professional people. They have jobs in management positions throughout the governments of the Pacific. They network through these positions in placing other members of the faith in similar jobs. I know that they are a power to watched. From what I've read they have a voice in policy making in the UN I heard Tal Brooke say that the Baha'i faith is a minor role. I think they are major players toward one world government.

Dear Friend:

Thank you for taking the time to write and give us an update on the Bahai's. It is always difficult to know who will emerge as major players on the road to globalism. Only time will tell. The Bahai's certainly have the philosophy, structure, and diversity to be watched in the days ahead.

An open letter to Tal Brooke

I have read and appreciated a number your books, especially "When the World will be as One." One thing, though, Is there more proof available that the New Age Movement is not a strictly North American phenomenon? That would make it another force to contend with Rome. But that's all...or is it? Is the New Age to be a simple diversion or can it really be the one very dangerous force that it appears that even the Vatican will have to reckon with.

Thank You for your time

John Yavelak

Dear John:

The New Age movement is a modern rendition of major premises of ancient eastern mysticism, which is certainly in harmony with western paganism, gnosticism, and native cultures spirituality. Its influence goes way beyond North America. In fact, it is clearly a global phenomenon, with roots as far back as Egypt and even Babylon. It has infiltrated both Catholicism and Protestantism in deep ways. It is still a mystery as to who will ultimately ascend to the throne of a one world religion, but new age spirituality should not be taken lightly.

Dear Mr. Brooke,

Greetings to you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior, from Russia!

Your Spiritual Counterfeits Project in Berkeley, California, attracted my attention. I learned about them from the John L. Bray Newsletter.

I myself came to Christ only ten years ago. But in this country, the former Soviet Union the Holy Bible were, in fact, prohibited by the ruling communist regime. Only tuning to the voices of the foreign Christian radio stations, we may hear the good news on the spiritual rebirth and salvation in Jesus Christ.

I should like to learn more about your project, and to receive its magazine, if it's possible. of course. Sorry I cannot send you my donation up the time. Your book, with that beautiful title, "When the Wold Will Be As One," with backgrounds of your own search for spiritual truth, is also very interested me.

If you can please be so kind and send me an information pamphlet about the spiritual counterfeits Project, as well as copies of your magazine and other your spiritual publications, I should be very grateful to you.

May God bless you richly.

Very truly yours,

Vladimir Gudzenko

Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia

Dear Mr. Brooke.

We have really appreciated receiving SCP journals and Newsletters regularly over the years. I just looked at my saved copies-- the only magazine we save, by the way-- and found that the oldest is vol. 2, no 1 -August, 1978! That means we have been receiving them for 20 years! Thanks for you faithfulness.

Charles R. Thomas

Jackson, MS

And thank you for your faithfulness. For it is friends and allies such as yourself that this ministry depends to keep us on track, productive and honest. God Bless you and may you continue receiving our stuff for many years to come.-- Tal Brooke

Dear SCP Staff:

I just wanted to let you know that I thank God for such a ministry as SCP. I've been a subscriber to the SCP Journal and Newsletter since the mid-80's when I first heard Tal Brooke on Point of View with Marlin Maddoux. When I began to receive the journals I just "devoured" the timely and well written articles; the articles were and are written with such intellectual clarity that 2 hours of reading just go by so quickly.

This ministry has nurtured my spirit and caused me to appreciate the faith and expand my appreciation of the Scriptures. One of the most important things, for me, is that many of the staff have come out of a "liberal" perspective(been there, done that, and have moved on) so that this worldview can now be dissected in such a way that articles written from a Christian perspective reflect such clarity and illumination, like a breathe of fresh country air during a beautiful morning sunrise and giving honor to the Lord.

I hope that the ministry would consider addressing the issue of affirmative action with an entire SCP Journal; it is literally tearing at the moral fabric within both black and white communities. Has the staff been listening to the "Race, Religion and Racism" seminar currently being given by K.C. Price. It has been an eye-opener for me with respect to race relations. Much truth has been discussed, yet I have sensed also a lack of forgiveness(I "say" this very respectfully) toward the white church(a church that is accountable). Given the "word of faith perspective," I find the form of discussion that Dr. Price has taken to be somewhat at odds with the theology. What is your perspective on this issue?

I thank God for each of you and I pray God's very best for the ministry.

In His Peace,

Wayne Carter


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