PSI TECH: A "Remote" View to a Kill
by Edward Schneider
SCP Newsletter, WINTER 1999, Volume 24:2

Recently, one of our readers sent in material from a company called PSI TECH (We are always grateful for this, by the way.). While reading the promotional pamphlet, I was astounded by the claims that were made by this company. "PSI TECH psychically discovers the reason for an air plane crash"1 and "PSI TECH works on finding Saddam Hussein, i.e., his mind, intent, motivation, emotional and behavioral states, in order to penetrate his war room..."2

The pamphlet bombarded me with impressive sounding buzzwords and qualifications like, "target-associated gestalt patterns of information"3, "U.S. Army psychic training program"4, "Major Ed Dames, US Army (Ret.)"5, "Stanford funded psychic program" while it boasted of a clientele of "fortune 500 companies."6

The claims of the promotional material soon got me to dig into PSI TECH, thinking it would be nothing more than a ghost hunt. But I soon discovered that PSI TECH's claims of participation with the government were genuine.

The Firm

PSI TECH, founded by Ed Dames, is a Hawaiian based company whose main offering is to enhance an individual's psychic abilities via "Technical Remote Viewing" (TRV). TRV it claims is an "evolved form of Remote Viewing...and it allows a person to access the information stored in the collective unconscious ('mind field' or global unitary mind), also known as the Akashic Records or, in TRV terminology, the Matrix."7

PSI TECH has transitioned from the military sector to the public sector, having trained, it claims, a total of 12,000 psychic viewers. Academy Award nominee, William Gazecki, directed PSI TECH's training video8. These psychic-espionage trade secrets go for the introductory videotape offer of $49.00. The personal 10-day training course goes for a hefty $4,500.00 (slightly higher than dialing the Psychic Hotline).

Ed Dames and his team train individuals to become "remote viewers" who witness distant events psychically. Using a modification of the army course, civilians can now observe enemy planes in Iraq from their living rooms. Or they may even foresee the future--the other bonus--like modern Delphic Oracles, a huge selling point (imagine foreseeing the next stock market superstar--say, the next Microsoft.).

How does one become a remote viewer? According to Ed Dames, first by "getting in touch with yourself" and searching your inward feelings and senses. PSI TECH soon enters a labyrinth of technojargon:

The TRV techniques result in an accurate transfer of information from the viewer's unconscious mind into the conscious awareness, before the aware, creative, and analytical part of the mind has time to distort, contaminate, or otherwise interfere with the data flow. The target information is then converted into words or sketches, using only a pen and plain white paper. During this process, the viewer becomes linked directly to the collective unconscious--the Matrix.9

Note: these PSI TECH experts don't believe they can become psychic by ordinary empirical observation: seeing, touching, tasting, feeling, or hearing. They say that there exists certain frequencies which translate into the consciousness as feelings or visions. The latter are then further translated as real events--a kind of knowledge through osmosis.

According to PSI TECH, the more that its subjects focus-in on a certain event, the more accurate they are going to be in their observations and predictions.10 We will see how accurate they are later.

The Prophet of Psi Tech

The commanding force behind PSI TECH is its charismatic leader, Ed Dames. At 17, he joined the U.S. Army as a paratrooper. After seven years in Asia, he returned home to complete a double major in Chinese and Bioelectronics from the University of California Berkeley. He then led a government military program on the paranormal and secret intelligence. After the contract ended, he took his elite gang of five people and headed out to Beverly Hills, founding PSI TECH in 1984.

Ed Dames, who is energetic and enthusiastic, has the presence of a Vietnam Spec 4 combat hero combined with agent Mulder of X-Files fame. He is confident when he speaks and his military manner of "Yes sir" and "No sir" can be heard frequently in his public dialogue, endearing him with his listeners. With intense eyes, and a surfer blond haircut, the 50 year old Ed Dames is getting considerable public attention from his psychic claims and visionary forecasts of the future. Dames has been profiled on CBS, NBC, UPN and shows such as Inside Edition11. Art Bell frequently has Dames as a guest on his popular late night show, a remote viewing enthusiast himself.

Dames does not come across as only some pragmatic soldier who sees psychic techniques as weapons to win a war, but is also very "religious," and is often quoting the Bible--but with an occult twist that is finely packaged in Christian terminology. This makes him especially seductive. Unlike most New Agers touting multiculturalism, Dames "feels" like a biblical conservative (He cannot tolerate homosexuality, which he calls a deconstruction of the family and the "abomination of desolation."12 ) and this makes him a deceptive lure with the Christian listening audience who often buy into his claims.

Yet Dames often betrays his real spiritual allegiances. He applauds Ingo Swann, the New Age psychic and originator of Coordinate Remote Viewing protocols14 as well as Nostradamus, the Kabalistic medieval soothsayer among others.

Dames also knows that nothing quite grabs an audience like talk of apocalyptic events. In an interview with Art Bell, Dames spoke on the "last days", as biblical passages were reinterpreted via remote viewing:

What I said was it appears that what in biblical prophecy is termed the sixth seal . . . is about to happen, based upon TRV information. . . At PSI TECH, what we are describing as volcanism, a lot of volcanoes, causing what the bible, the King James version describes as the moon turning blood red and the sun becoming black. Those events appear to be imminent.

Ed Dames then interjected a New Age slant on a popular passage in Revelation about the beast,

And the beast we thought might equate with an individual but it did not. It is the animal nature of man, as opposed to the divine nature of man.

Stop, a red flag! Biblically, man does not have a divine nature. This is a New Age concept right at the starting gate.

Dames then tried to show how TRV can give modern readers the true interpretation of the Bible. But his new breakthrough is really only a click away from the same old psychic channeling that New Agers have used for years. Dames told Art Bell:

. . . Technical Remote Viewing bypasses that problem [of language translation] by going directly to the idea as it exists as a pattern of information, and downloading it to the individual remote viewer, and the individual remote viewer's own lexicon expresses what they're perceiving. That lexicon is of course contemporary. And that way we can put this ancient information in terms of today's knowledge. [emphasis added]15

Just take a course in remote viewing and you too can become a psychic theologian.16 Biblical maturity, faithfulness to the scripture and the ancient languages are now irrelevant.

Military Assignments

What missions have Ed Dames and PSI TECH been involved in? In 1981, Ed Dames and his psychic spooks were officially selected by the military to use their remote viewing techniques to identify secret Soviet weapons.17 In 1991, PSI TECH aided the National Security Council, by using remote viewing to find Iraq's hidden biological warfare stockpiles.18 Imagine a group of soldiers sitting around yoga style, meditating, trying to harness the power of the universe in order to find inward clues to where enemy weapons might hide. It's X-Files material all the way.

Ed Dames, under the code name MJ5, led a group of government physicists in a paranormal investigation in New Mexico. This is one topic that Dames won't comment about19. The U.S. Army, collaborating with Stanford University, poured thousands of research dollars into the psychic project. "Nevertheless, the U.S Army began a funded study at Stanford Research Institute to systematize psychic phenomenon and develop a psychic tool by which "non-psychics" would also be able to utilize psychic functioning for the purposes of acquiring reliable and consistent information."20 I wonder how much that cost us taxpayers?

Dames appears to be sincerely concerned about the protection of children, believing Satan is directly involved in the abuses of children.21 And he has had media attention when PSI TECH has been called to find lost children, with mixed results.

PSI TECH received media attention when it allegedly remote viewed TWA Flight 800 and claimed to identify the cause of the crash. PSI Tech focused their minds on pictures of the airplane. After forty-five minutes, they a said the crash was due to a problem with a fuel pump "activator".23 Wreckage investigators did recover much of the aircraft, and indeed a piece of the fuel pump did puncture the fuel tank, causing the explosion. This seemed to be a "hit."

Airplane crashes have since then become the group's hobbyhorse. After the recent crash of Egypt Air 990, PSI TECH has been trying to solve the riddle of the crash. Their discovery?

One of the crew members, or it could have been a flight attendant, was not a passenger and attacked the pilot from behind. It was a very violent altercation that followed. Members of the crew tried to hold down a single individual, but the individual got up again and started, and essentially went postal in the cockpit. That is why, when the cockpit voice recorder is retrieved.... you'll hear that on the recorder.24

Recent reports do indeed show that a fellow crew member may have been responsible for the crash. Is this information really accredited to remote viewing or could one simply make an educated guess by reading the newspapers and checking news sources? Many of the same theories were in the media before Ed Dames ever gave his prediction.

Contradictions and Inconsistencies

After hunting around on the Internet for hours trying to find anything I could on Ed Dames and remote viewing, I found very little opposing him and PSI TECH. On one web site, an author named Peter P.25 lists his suspicions regarding Ed Dame's predictions. For example, according to Joe McMoneagel, a government agent on remote viewing and friend of Ed Dames, remote viewing is accurate from 35 to 85 percent26. Ed Dames claims that "the best we as individuals can do, even the experts, is about 90 percent. However, when a team of remote viewers, five or six people can work alone, independently, the mutually corroborating data is 100% correct."27 That's some claim.

In order for a PSI to have 100% accuracy in its predictions, it must have no errors. But the errors are plentiful and easily documented. Peter catches one of many errors in Ed Dames' predictions. Peter demonstrates Dames' error rate:

In November of 1997, Dames predicted a nuclear incident. "We used the search cue of 'next nuclear attack' and We qualified that with 'intent to kill' and 'massive casualties', and what WE got was a very clear picture at the end of a week [of sessions], of the North Koreans using a nuclear weapon against the South Korean. Now analytically we think...analytically, now...that this event may occur before the end of winter."

Art Bell, the radio host interviewing Dames, asked, "before the end of this winter?" Dames confirmed. "Before the end of winter."28 It didn't happen!

In a later broadcast, Dames rationalized the miss with psychobabble, "When we search out a specific target, if we do not constrain the search to time--to the present, the future, or the past--then we don't know where we are in time...You want to constrain the search to a certain era, a certain point in time."29

So how did Dames explain [away] the non-occurrence of his predicted event, come late April; over a full month into Spring?

The answer: by explaining that PSI TECH cannot "accurately look at time windows."30 That is, they cannot predict when events will happen very accurately. So, he is no different from the average tea leaf reader in results.

Indeed, scores of Ed Dames' false prophecies have been documented, ranging from global economic collapses to rampant encounters of cannibalism in Eastern Europe. In fact, in 1998 alone, only 25% of Ed Dames' predictions came true.31 And when Peter posted his findings on the PSI TECH Internet forum, he was quickly banned from the website. Peter tells his story,

My "raw TRV data versus postulations" question has gone unanswered, since the question no longer exists on-site...Dames admitted deleting my messages and password, "as part of his desire to trim irrelevant and argumentative posts from the BB (bulletin board)."...The PSI TECH webmaster concluded by suggesting I could write Dames directly but added, "although he rarely feels any need to justify his actions." What more can be said?32

Extra Biblical Prophet?

Does Ed Dames meet the standards of a true biblical prophet or is he just one more wizard? The prophets of the Bible spoke the word of God and it came true to the letter33 and was consistent with the full canon of revelation. God revealed things for a purpose. Prophets also foretold future events accurately--this was indeed "out of the ordinary"--because God revealed it, not because they were Old Testament psychics. When Noah preached to his countrymen, to repent or be destroyed by a flood34, the knowledge came not because Noah was using remote viewing, but because God told him personally and specifically. Here is the clincher. Biblical prophets must be 100% correct--and this is a key criterion for being a true prophet. Ed Dames, meanwhile, is only 35% correct at most. The answer: he fails the test miserably.

It has been the position of the church that since the death of the last apostles, there has been no new revelation. The Bible is a sealed book, a whole and complete canon. The key purpose of New Testament prophetic utterances was to testify to the Messiahship of Jesus Christ and the validity of the apostles as God's chosen representatives.35 They also armed the church by preparing believers for what lay ahead. Meanwhile, the apostles never acquired glory or money for their prophecies, but always pointed towards God's glory. They did not start Holy Spirit Inc like most of today's New Age seminars.

One cannot obtain eternal life through the "gospel" of PSI TECH, which is yet another New Age/Christian hybrid in our era. And its prophet, Ed Dames, as we have said, fails the necessary 100 percent accuracy score needed to qualify him as a true prophet, a separate issue from his divergence from revelation.

When he occasionally gets a "hit", it is probably not because he has psychic abilities, but because he playing with loaded dice. Dames predicts outcomes that are either coincidental or highly predictable. Yet according to Dames theory, he should have a 100% certainty---say, even of knowing who is going to win the next election. With odds like that, he should be playing at the Sands in Las Vegas rather than on the sands of Hawaii.

Saint Augustine said it best "we think God's thoughts after Him." Most of us, according to Romans, can only know what God has revealed from His creation and His Scripture by means of our ordinary senses (under the Holy Spirit with believers).37 Knowledge that is revealed extraordinarily, like God speaking to Moses at Mt. Sinai, only comes by God's special revelation.

If God has completed his revelations and prophecies in the complete canon of scripture for the purpose of equipping the church across the ages, then such special revelation is no longer in effect or necessary--not until the Second Coming. So, when you hear Ed Dames say that through remote viewing he can predict the future with 100% accuracy, he is doubly wrong!

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15)

Edward Schneider is the Business Manager of SCP. He holds a degree in Philosophy from UC Berkeley and is currently working on a Master's degree in Apologetics from Bahnsen Theological Seminary. He is the coauthor of Subduing Science: The Reformation of Natural Philosophy as well as other theological writings.

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