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John is director of general operations for SCP as well as associate editor and cross-platform computer wizard, both IBM and Apple. As Tal says, "John is one of the most gifted people we have ever had and continues our tradition in having quite a number of people who flatline aptitude tests. But more than his brilliance, John has a servant's heart and a deep humility. There is not a job he will not tackle."

John is another SCP staffer who knows cults first-hand, growing up for 16 years in a group whose name cannot even be mentioned in these pages due to a legal settlement that SCP was forced into some years ago. It is likely that John and Tal Brooke will co-author a book together dealing with the software bug and millennial/sociological phenomenon known as the "Year 2000 bug." John, his wife Bettina, and two daughters live close by in the Oakland hills.

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