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Tal Brooke, SCP President & Editor, is just recently back from a trip to the East Coast where he led a three day retreat for Redeemer Presbyterian Church (a church of 3000) in New York City. During a week in Manhattan, Tal also spent several days with his new literary agent, a one time Doubleday Editor himself, who is approaching the major secular houses for his upcoming sequel to When the World Will Be As One, to be called One world. Tal has written eight books and feels it is time to "go beyond the Christian ghetto" to reach the alienated secular majority who run our culture. "We must resist the backpeddling and marginalization of Christianity." When the World, discussed the global forces and new spiritual beliefs behind the push for a New World Order and originally sold over 100,000 copies, making it a bestseller. Tal hopes that a sequel published by a large secular publishing house would be a wake up call in the secular arena to the very real dangers of a global system in which America has been irreversibly redefined, forfeiting its Christian basis and individual liberties for "a mess of pottage." People need to be reminded that God is the source of all meaning and good. He is also the sovereign of history to whom men and nations are accountable. Tal's past writing efforts have brought remarkable results, from India to America. Many are praying that God will raise Tal to be a powerful and credible voice to the larger secular culture in our time. We feel he is one of the few equipped to do it on the contemporary American scene.

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